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The Etobicoke Jazz Band is a non profit, charitable organization based in Etobicoke, ON. EJB provides music education in jazz styles primarily from the 1930’s, 40’s and 50’s to local musicians ages 15-18. Professionally led, EJB teaches young musicians music history, music reading and performance, and skills such as teamwork, leadership, goal setting, and self confidence. The Etobicoke Jazz Band prioritizes community involvement through performances at local events and seniors residences in Toronto.

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The Etobicoke Jazz Band is currently accepting applications for all band positions for 2022 and beyond. Join EJB to learn and perform music, meet other like-minded musicians and music professionals, and gain experience performing music for your local community while earning high school volunteer hours!


By appointment at
Toronto Faculty of Music, 3820 Bloor St. W.,

Call: (416) 231-5695

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Zygmunt Jedrzejek

Artistic Director

(416) 231-5695


Sally Kwan

Web & Print Graphic Designer

Meagan Luchko

Vocal Coach

Patti Cervini


Justin See


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